Las Tardes en Ibiza Chill Music Vol. 11

Victor Nebot

The beautiful first surprise of this year is the eleventh compilation “Las Tardes en Ibiza Chill Music 11” of Victor Nebot who mixed an album full of classical latin jazz and similar sounds that moves in an Afro-Cuban wave with obvious notes of exciting rumba, soul and bossa nova, thus recreating this musical time of the 50s and 60s in Cuba. To start he chose Bahama Soul Club, a German band directed by percussionist and producer Oliver Belz who features the magnificent instrumental « Casino de Capri » followed by the voice of Iain McKenzie in Mambo Tonight and BEBO BEST & The Super Lounge Orchestra featuring « That´s The Way I Like it ».

It goes on with PAPIK featuring Frankie Lovecchio in the sensual language of « Can´t Get Enough Of Your Love » and the lovely voice of Ely Bruna in a soul-jazz style « Clouds Across The Moon ». A bit of reggie woo us in a dance mood with The Pioneers with « Papa Was A Rolling Stones » and Klaus Waldeck featuring la Heidi in Shala-Lala-La.

And thus came in a very quiet way Nina Miranda and Chris Franck presenting Zeep in « Come With Me » followed by the so good TJK Chill Edit version of « King of My Castle » by Wamdue Project. Then come DJ Pippi 2016 successful track with the vocals of Barbara Tucker accompanied by DJ Pippi in charge of guitar and  drums, Victor Martin at the piano and the bass, and Giuseppe Tuccillo at the guitar.

And all this without losing the groove of the last modernity of the dance with Sun Sun Damba, a cute chill out song perfect for your summer morning rituals played by Peter Power and produced by Multi Culti. To end his selection Victor chooses DJ Pippi and Kenneth Bager remix of Dalholt & Langkilde bongo dub, written by Marco Soncini in 2016 and performed by Pochil’s in a chill out genre « Francesca Road »

‘Las Tardes en Ibiza Chill Music 11’ is full of good and intense music. A compilation that already gained the right to be among the best this year.


Chill Out   Latin   


Performer / Composer
Casino de Capri
Bahama Soul Club
Mambo Tonight
Iain McKenzie
That's The Way I Like It
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
Papik feat. Frankie Lovecchio
Clouds Across The Moon
Ely Bruna
Heroes (60's Mix by Magnetic4
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra
Papa Was A Rolling Stones
The Pioneers
Waldeck feat. Heidi
Come With Me
King Of My Castle
TJK Chill Edit
So Beautiful
DJ Pippi feat. Barbara Tucker
Cristal Palpita
DJ Pippi
Sun Sun Damba
Peter Power
Francesca Road
Pochil / DJ Pippi & Kenneth Bager Remix feat. Dalhol / Langkilde Bongo Dub Genre Chillout

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